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Javanese Shadow Theatre With Tamara

Weaving her own cultural identity into her one-woman shows, TAMARA presents a one-hour performance of Wayang Kulit for adult audiences and children throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. She introduces her multimedia production with an information-packed talk on Indonesia's philosophy, religion and history followed by a Wayang Kulit shadow puppet performance of the ancient Hindu-Javanese story "The Ramayana".

Behind the screen, TAMARA manipulates the colorful puppets to cast their shadows on the story cloth, bringing to life ancient Hindu-Javanese legends.

Wayang Kulit (pronounced "why-young coo-lit")

"Wayang Kulit", Indonesia's spectacular theatre of shadows, is a multi-media production that combines the creative elements of Javanese puppet theatre, music, mythology, and storytelling. Hindu-Javanese characters spring to life in shadows cast on a cotton screen.

The shadow play of wayang kulit is rooted in the ancient belief that ancestors' spirits return to earth at night, inhabiting the puppets' shadows.

Wayang Kulit performances are available with gamelan musicians and a full set of authentic gamelan instruments. This makes the show particularly suitable for larger audiences and concert halls.

Tamara and The Shadow Theatre of Java is a theatre company based in New York. It has a nine-month touring season.

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